Fastest WiFi standards in Samsung Galaxy S9

For Samsung Galaxy S8 the wireless and wired connectivity is pretty decent. Talking about, USB-connection it uses USB 2.0, i.e. the data rate – about 20 Mb / S. These are not theoretical, but real results on the devices of Samsung, they may differ depending on the operating system and the computer to which you connect your phone. As a large, and in the smaller side Galaxy S9 features will be beast.

In Samsung Galaxy S9 the supported standards will be 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, the masterwork is similar to that of Bluetooth. You can memorize the selected network to automatically connect to it. It is possible to configure the connection to the router with one touch, to do this, press the button on the router, and activate a similar button on the handset’s menu (WPA SecureEasySetup). Of the additional features worth noting the setup wizard, it appears with a weak or fading signal. You can also configure work Wi-Fi on schedule.

Talking more the configuration of Samsung Galaxy S9, for standard supports 802.11 n HT40 mode that doubles the bandwidth of Wi-Fi (requires support from the other device). The Direct-Fi access Wi-Fi the protocol, which aims to replace Bluetooth or start competing with its third version (it also uses Wi-Fi version n to transfer large files). The Wi-Fi settings menu, select the section Wi-Fi Direct, the phone starts to search for devices around. Select the desired device, activate the connection on it, and voila. Now in the file manager, you can browse the files on another device, and share them. Another option – just find the devices connected to your router, and send them the files you want, you can do it from the gallery or other sections of the phone. The main thing that device supports Wi-Fi Direct.

It is impossible to write a review when you use the phone a few minutes on the stand of the company and this device is not your main. Then there are materials that do not have a lot of “chips”, which the manufacturer has not told, as well as others they are not found. With the Galaxy S8 I is constant work, I have found a lot of “little things” that distinguish Samsung flagships from other Android-smartphone and later become part of the Android. On one of these chips, and I want to tell. Usually, when you turn on your phone to access point, it immediately turns off Wi-Fi, use of both one and the other cannot. Samsung has a good job for Galaxy S8, and improved similar specs can be the part of Samsung Galaxy S9 in 2018.

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