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Our main goal of Techizzz is to provide quality content that will help you find the latest technology information that you are looking for. Techizzz is a Blog which provides Tutorials, Software Recommendations and Tech Tips to ease your techie life ! In order to ensure continued excellence in that field, I must practice the techniques discussed on this blog.

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If you click on links from this blog to purchase a product offered for sale on other websites, Techizzz may be paid a small commission. That commission has no impact upon the price you pay for the product, but it does help to fund Techizzz’s ongoing commitment to providing quality, useful, and free content.

If you do visit our store section, please be aware that those products are being offered directly by me and all proceeds of those sales go towards funding the continued operation of Techizzz and my efforts to continue providing quality content for the blog.

Techizzz may also be compensated for display advertising that you see on the blog.  Techizzz also accepts sponsored posts and may be compensated for certain posts that are published on this blog.  Again, I am committed towards the excellence of this blog and will not accept advertising that is not related to the content of the blog.

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Be assured that I never state or imply that I own or use a product myself if that’s not the case.

When I do have personal experience with a product, I’ll give you my honest opinion of the product.  Opinions expressed on this blog are just that:  opinions.  Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

I take care to ensure that only product links that are relevant to the content of a web page are displayed.

If you do purchase a product through a link on this website, and plan to purchase that product again in the future, feel free to return here and purchase through our link to the product. By doing so, you’ll insure that Techizzz will receive the commission for that sale.
But whether you purchase through a link on Techizzz, or go directly to the seller’s website, the price that you pay is the same.

I’m very honored by your visit to Techizzz, and hope you found your visit insightful and enjoyable.
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